A Great Roadtrip Pastime

Hubby and I decided to take a little road trip to celebrate our anniversary and my 21+8 birthday.  Last year we were in Turkey and France; this year we decided to keep it French but within driving distance.  We used one of our favorite websites, Air B&B, to book an apartment in Montreal and utilized TripAdvisor to locate a charming hotel in the heart of Quebec City.  As we were making the nearly 9 hour journey from idyllic Vieux Quebec back to Connecticut, we spent some time listening to lively music, laughed and chatted about all of our observations over the past few days, and then just as I was drifting off for a mid-morning nap, Preetham started playing an NPR podcast about the problem of carbs in our national diet.  I had some sort of involuntary response; my eyes dilated, any notion of sleep to make up for an early morning wake-up call dissipated, and I was all ears with the keyboard on iPhone Notes fired up!  This is one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve listened to recently and it totally hits on the crucial theme of eating high quality, less processed food.  Ellie Krieger is the WOman!

NB:  On Point and This American Life are highly recommended on any and all road trips.  Spouses are interesting but not always after the first four hours ;-)

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